Inspiration Mondays: Deborah Harry

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(left)I looove this pic!! Deborah Harry would rock really cool medium size hoop earrings that were not too big nor small- I need to get me sum!!! I always notice them in her videos!

(right)Deborah Harry as a playboy bunny!!

**Some fun facts about Deborah Harry:

– adopted when she was three months old

– worked in a Dunkin’ Donuts, after which she was a dancer in Union City, and a Playboy Bunny Prior to starting her singing career.

-in the mid-1970s,the band Blondie was formed, naming it for the wolf whistle men often yelled at Harry from passing cars

-appeared in over 30 film and television roles

-‘Rapture’ was aired during the first MTV launch. Check it out!! One of my fav Blondie songs!! How hot are her lil shorts and crystal tube top!!! What!!!Graffiti artists Jean-Michel Basquiat and Lee Quinones!!! Fab Five Freddy & Grandmaster Flash shout outs!!!! *sigh* I wish I could go back in time!!


Bushy eyebrows are back!!!

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Yay! I have naturally full eye brows that I use to pluck into a unflattering pencil flapper thin brow. My obsession with Brooke Shields made me grow those suckers back! I’ve been all about full eyebrows since! Ladies take note! Those furry suckers are back!!! Check out this article posted in the LA Times:,0,7785148.story?track=rss

Diana Ross- Love Hangover (promo version)

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Ok so I was soo bummed that I missed Diana Ross at the Hollywood Bowl last night- I was exhausted, people! I crashed out early last night, all grandma style but I was woken up from a call from my friend Paul. He left a message on my voice mail and said he was going to see Miss Thing at the Hollywood Bowl. Even in my sleep deprived state of mind I was  pretty jelly aka jealous! Oh well I can watch this rare video and watch Mahogany later on *sigh*

Tonight!!!I’m a huge DFA fan and this band is siiick!!

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Chanel’s new Robertson boutique

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While taking a stroll down Robertson and making a special lil trip to check out the new Chanel boutique! I was taken back by the window display!! What?? So gorgeous but my favorite lil detail were the logo manicures on the mannequins! Omg!!! I freaked out!! Coming from a girl that loves to get her mani and pedi on and especially getting “blingy, logo nails- usually gold is my favorite/signature color and sometimes I’ll get a lil “P44” charm or if I’m feeling really ghetto fab I’ll just spell out P-R-O-S-P-E-C-T-4-4 on each nail! I gotta represent !!Anywho,I’m in love with Chanel *sigh* Totally agree with….”Wouldn’t it be fantastic if Chanel offered the logo manicure in-store”

Graffiti Documentary: “Bomb it”

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Have you seen it??

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